About British Sugar Beet Review

The British Sugar Beet Review was founded in 1926 and since then has provided the UK Beet Sugar industry with a unique publication in which to disseminate information to sugar beet growers and advisers.

Contributions range from technical information derived from BBRO and British Sugar funded R&D by research specialists, to informative progress reports from sugar beet growers.

It's unique funding, via levy contributions from sugar beet growers and British Sugar plc. alike, place it as the recognised "industry's own" publication.

The British Sugar Beet Review is mailed to every sugar beet grower in the UK (approx. 3000 in the year 2017). It is also distributed to some 1,400 industry related people including agricultural consultants, advisers, researchers, manufacturers and distributors etc. This exclusive list makes it the most targeted publication of it's kind in the UK - a must for those who wish to advertise and promote information and services to UK sugar beet growers.

Online Version

British Sugar Beet Review On Line is an online reproduction of the printed journal and is produced by taking electronic files from the printing system and reformatting these into Internet viewable pages. The Internet page format has been designed to look exactly as per the printed magazine, however, advertorial content has been removed. The site has been designed for fast download and easy navigation including resizing of text to allow easy reading. Pages may be saved or printed locally but any redistribution must be in line with the © Copyright Statement.


The British Sugar Beet Review is published three times a year, January, May and October and has become a timely technical update for growers and advisers who wish to maximise their sugar beet production.


If you are interested in contributing an article for publication in the British Sugar Beet Review, please submit your proposal for consideration by the Editor at beetreview@britishsugar.co.uk.

Authors are reimbursed for their efforts with a modest payment depending on the number of authors and the size/complexity of their article. Typically a solo author may receive £70.00 to £80.00.